5 Freedom-From-PTSD Techniques Your Medical Doctor May Not Have Mentioned

5 Freedom-From-PTSD Techniques Your Medical Doctor May Not Have Mentioned

1.Consider beginning to supplement with lithium orotate at 15 mg twice per day. No, this is not the lithium with the bad reputation from the 1950s. This is the under-utilized and extremely effective brain mineral that is extremely safe to use and supports healthy brain chemistry. This product is one of the many freedom ingredients in my latest program for those suffering from PTSD. This DIY protocol has been reported by my clients to increase happiness and joy, decrease startle responses, improve sleep, decrease pain levels and improve quality of life. Harvard Medical School has analyzed over 30 human meta-analysis studies and has determined that lithium reduces the rate and risk of suicide attempts by 80-90% in patients with major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizoaffective disorder. In fact, the overall risk of suicides was five times less among lithium-treated subjects compared with individuals not treated with lithium. In human studies among healthy populations, lithium has been shown to significantly increase brain mass in both gray and white matter. Lithium is the most powerful essential trace mineral ever discovered for promoting optimal functioning of the brain and central nervous system. You can try just this freedom technique by clicking here.

2. Begin using a highly potent, non-GMO, organically-sourced CBD oil tincture each evening to decrease pain, decrease anxiety, and increase relaxation. This is my favorite and has helped so many of my active-duty and retired military clients. Did you know that CBD oil can actually increase brain cells??? How exciting 🙂 If you would like to learn more about using this freedom technique, read the user’s guide. The 3600mg Cinnamint is the best tasting and best bang-for-your-buck.

3. Ever wished you could just eliminate the pain felt from past traumatic memories? Avoiding professional help because you don’t want it on your record or you “just don’t want to talk about it? Great! Then I am happy to tell you about an excellent resource. Seek out a specialist in EMDR therapy. EMDR is a mind-body therapy that incorporates directional movement of the eyes at specific stages in the process. Similar to the ‘rapid eye movements’ that occur during ‘REM’ sleep and dreaming, this activity works to “unlock” the nervous system and allows the brain to rapidly and gently reprocess disturbing events, seeing them in a new and more integrated way. When a disturbing event happens, it can become “frozen” in the nervous system with the original visual images, sounds, negative thoughts, body sensations and emotions associated with it. This can happen with single traumatic events such as natural disasters, medical trauma, car accidents, military combat, and assault. However, it can also happen with stress repeated over time, for example when someone suffers verbal, sexual or emotional abuse or grows up witnessing addiction, illness or violence in the home.To the brain, it doesn’t matter whether the disturbing event happened yesterday or 20 years ago, or whether it happened once or countless times: the past is still locked inside, frozen in time, and therefore, it feels as though the past remains very much in the present. For this reason, EMDR therapy often brings relief from current symptoms such as anxiety, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, somatic distress, and nightmares. After EMDR, you still remember that the event occurred, but it is no longer distressing. The event is now stored in the brain as something bad that happened in the past, but it does not have the power to upset you in the present. This is the “desensitization” aspect of EMDR. The “reprocessing” aspect of EMDR allows you to let go of the negative thoughts and beliefs that can get stuck when you suffer a disturbing experience. These can be replaced with healthy, positive beliefs, resulting in an improved view of yourself and your life. In this way, EMDR has a deep impact not only in helping you to stop reliving the traumatic event, but also in reprocessing and letting go of destructive negative beliefs that got stuck along with it and continue to impact your present day experience.This is a great resource for finding a specialist in your area.

4. What if you could harness the power of your olfactory nerve (your sense of smell) to access your brain’s emotional responses immediately?! Yes, my favorite product is so handy you can keep it in your pocket and use it before, during or after stressful encounters or situations that cause you to experience anxiety. This botanically- based product is super clean and pleasant to both male and female 🙂 It literally works in seconds and this is why is is one of my favorite freedom techniques. It is also included in the PTSD DIY Protocol I created, as well as in the PTSD Protocol with additional testing and support.

5. Get adjusted by a chiropractor who uses the non-invasive Arthrostim tool as the main part of their technique. This neurological optimization will begin to unwind the tension patterns in your spinal cord that often are limiting you from your full vibrant potential. Optimizing your neurology allows you to have balance within the parts of your nervous system that allow for peace, tranquility and rest. Your body will feel less anxious more balanced and more capable of managing day-to-day activities. I can honestly say that chiropractic care saved my life and I would not be where I am today in my health and healing without it.

Here’s to your freedom!

Be Resilient. Be brilliant. Be you!



Dr. Puja Wentworth, PScD., DC is a warrior for the wellness of her health participants through virtual and in-person consultations. Having suffered from an amputation and traumatic brain injury herself at a young age, she learned the true meaning of resilience. Through her journey of healing through recovery from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, chronic allergies, mold-related biotoxic illness, mercury toxicity and Lyme disease she gained the empathy and knowledge needed to lead those with similar suffering away from debilitating fatigue, emotional unrest and pain to an empowering place of resilience and brilliance. If you are interested in reaching out to schedule a 15 minute free consultation about your journey and your warrior attitude to heal, please go to this link.

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