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Step 3: Select Wholesale Customer. You must select Wholesale Customer to get access to the lowest price on doTerra’s oils and get access to my giveaways. It has nothing to do with the doTerra business or promoting their essential oils.

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Step 5: Verify the Enroller ID: 3712369 (John Peters) Resilient Life Solutions

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Step 8: Wait to be blown away when your essential oils show up to your door!

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Dr. Puja Wentworth
Dr. Puja has been active with doTerra oils since 2012. She started just like you…curious and optimistic! Like every protocol product she recommends to her health participants, the science behind and benefits of essential oils was personally tested and researched by Dr. Puja herself. She uses doTerra Essential Oils every day in her own home and in her office…she SHARES daily with her family, pets, friends and patients in her practice.
John Peters
John, Dr. Puja's husband, also shares the love for doTerra Essential Oils. He has his own success stories related to many of the oils and their impact on his own personal health. Because of a fire in his room when he was a baby, Johns lungs suffered life-long damage that results in asthma. His go-to fix for this issue is doTerra Breathe. It took just that one life changing oil to launch his desire to continue to share with you.