No More UTIs Without the Use of Antibiotics?

Empower your body to heal from urinary tract infections without the use of antibiotics!

It truly does seem futuristic, other worldly and stunningly simple. It’s a little known alternative to antibiotics that can be used to treat bacterial infections such as E. Coli, Gonorrhea, Tuberculosis, salmonella, and even MRSA.                             

Phage therapy implements a naturally occurring virus called Bacteriophage (or phage), to infect bacteria. When active in the body, phage targets unwanted bacteria and destroys its structure from the inside out, multiplying itself and moving to its next target until the infection is cleared. Studies at the Phage Therapy Center in the Republic of Georgia show a 95% success rate with patients who use phage therapy to tackle superbugs like MRSA and other infections.

How Bacteriophage Works

In order to infect a cell, bacteriophage begins by attaching itself to the cell’s wall. Next, it injects its DNA into the host cell and subsequently starts one of two life cycles: lytic or lysogenic, depending on the phage.

                     Bacteriaphage Life Cycle

In a lytic cycle, the virus replicates within its host until the cell lyses (breaks open). The new phage then move on to other bacterial cells and repeat this process. The lytic phage is most common in Phage Therapy, as it results in the most immediate destruction of a cell.

In a lysogenic cycle, the virus lyses the cell at a more gradual rate, incorporating itself into the host’s DNA where it remains dormant until the cell reproduces itself. When this happens, the virus replicates along with the new cell and all of its offspring. Phage prone to this life cycle are most commonly used to treat E. Coli.                                              

Empowering Your Body to Be Smarter Than an Antibiotic

Though antibiotics were once called the “wonder drug” of the century, their overuse in the medical and food industries has led to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacterial infections. This happens when the infectious bacteria learn to adapt to their new environment and survive its challenges.

This type of situation poses a major threat to the population. According to the Centers of Disease Control, 2 million people are infected with an antibiotic-resistant bacteria each year, resulting in the death of about 23,000 of those infected. This is where Phage Therapy starts to look good.


Phage Therapy has several advantages over antibiotics. It is less harmful to the body, more likely to generate a successful outcome, and only attacks the unwanted cells. Since each phage matches itself to a specific strain of bacteria, the good flora in our guts survive each application and leave the body less vulnerable to opportunistic secondary infections.  Antibiotics are known to do the opposite, most often wiping out both the good and bad organisms.

On occasion, phage therapy can be unsuccessful at breaking down a specifically resistant infection. When this happens, a mixture of multiple phage is gathered and sent to attack. This method robs the cell of the time it needs to adapt to each variation of phage and most often yields a successful outcome.

Where to Find Phage

Bacteriophage are abundant in the Earth’s soil, animals, and oceans. A naturally-occurring virus, phage thrive in any organic environment that is rich with bacteria.

Though not well known in the United States, extensive research and application of Phage Therapy has existed in countries like Russia, Georgia, and Switzerland since their discovery by Fredrick Twort in 1915. The Phage Therapy Center in Georgia is known to be the longest operating clinic and global source for all things phage, followed by a 36-month projected called Phago Burn – a European Union funded project focusing specifically on the application of phage therapy to burn wounds.

Though there have been little known side effects to Phage Therapy, studies have shown the possibility of a harmful immune response. However, this reaction can occur with other treatments as well. Clinical trials have otherwise shown this approach to be highly effective. But, you don’t have to travel to far away places to receive care from the debilitating effects of urinary tract infections: Schedule today to learn how you can prevent future infections using this technology. 

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Do you have chronic UTI’s? Have you been on antibiotics every year for years?

There is HOPE!

Call Dr. Puja today to find out how you can empower your own body to heal once and for all from this debilitating cycle. Phage is available in the US, come learn how you can outsmart the bacteria that causes urinary track infections and kidney infections once and for all.

Empower your body to heal from urinary tract infections without the use of antibiotics!
Empower your body to heal from urinary tract infections without the use of antibiotics!

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